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Top 10 Funky Fitness Fads

Funky Fitness Fads Admit it either you’ve fallen for or you know someone who’s fallen for one of those Fitness Fads before. We all want to believe that the latest and greatest thing to come down the fitness highway is the one that will change everything and get us in … Continue reading

“Climb Up What You Ski Down” A Backcountry Life Lesson

Backcountry Skiing’s Number One Rule It was 1998 and I was backcountry skiing with my friend Brian. We had skinned the Tuckerman Ravine trail with the intention of skiing the Right Gully. Skinning is skiing up hill with the assistance of synthetic climbing skins that attach to the bottom of … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Back Strong for Outdoor Sports

How to Keep Your Back Strong No matter what your favorite outdoor sport is you rely on your back and your core to perform. Too often bikers, hikers, runners and other outdoor athletes complain about low back pain associated with their activity. In this episode of the Outside Health and … Continue reading

Outside Health and Fitness in the News

Top Health and Fitness Podcasts We made the paper! I was very excited when I was contacted by the Vail Daily to be featured in an article they were writing on top health and fitness podcasts. In the article Rosanna Turner writes about several podcasts including Outside Health and Fitness. She … Continue reading

3 Simple Secrets for Healthier Eating

Secrets for Healthier Eating In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I’m honored to have registered dietician and author Susie Garcia on the show. Susie co-authored the book “Psyched to be Skinny” and shares some really interesting information today about how our relationships with food can be … Continue reading