Hot Weather Hydration for Athletes

Hot Weather Hydration for Athletes In this audio brief of my upcoming interview with Joanna Chodorowska we talk about the importance of staying hydrated in hot weather and some of the products she recommends athletes carry with them on race … Continue reading

How to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

How to Get Your Kids to Play Outdoors Summer is here again and it surely is the best time of the year for kids to enjoy the outdoors. Years ago, children would spent their entire day outside playing with their … Continue reading

How to Dominate Your Diabetes with Daniele Hargenrader

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Two Simple Steps to Start Dominating Diabetes

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Why Replace Pests With Toxins?

by Sarah Smith When you find pests inside or outside your home, you would like to get rid of them without using substances that may be worse than the infestation. Toxic chemicals can cause other problems inside or outside your … Continue reading