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  • Resistance Band Exercises for Total Body Fitness

    Resistance Band Exercises for Total Body FitnessResistance Band Exercises with Ari Z In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I am honored to have Ari Zandman – Zeman from Rubber Banditz on the show. Ari has an amazing background and has put together an innovative, effective and dynamic system for using resistance band exercises to get a total Read More →

  • Easily Create Your Own Healthy Vitamin Water

    Drink WaterBy Chelsea Sawyer A lot of folks nowadays are making changes to improve their health; some efforts are subtle, and then there are those which are big, drastic changes prompted by the seriousness of looming health risks. But both small and huge efforts can go a long way in strengthening the body and its natural Read More →

  • Breast Cancer Are Men at Risk Too?

    Breast CancerAre Men at Risk? In this audio brief Jessica Bailey and I discuss whether men are at risk for breast cancer and if all breast lumps are cancerous. This is the second in a series of audio briefs we’re doing throughout October to help raise awareness and support National Breast Cancer awareness month. Get links Read More →

  • How to Be Earth Friendly, Active and Community Minded

    How to be earth friendlyEarth Friendly Activewear In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I am excited to have Jeremy Litchfield from Atayne on the show. Jeremy started attain to provide safe and environmentally friendly activewear for endurance athletes. On today’s show you’ll learn… why many of the fabrics we wear when we work out are working Read More →

  • Trash Running

    Trash RunningRunning Clean In this audio brief of my upcoming interview with Jeremy Litchfield founder of Atayne. We talk about he combined his passion for active sports and a clean environment into something called trash running. His organization the Maine Trash Runners has really got on and now there are similar organization popping up around the Read More →

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