Outside Health and Fitness in the News

Top Health and Fitness Podcasts We made the paper! I was very excited when I was contacted by the Vail Daily to be featured in an article they were writing on top health and fitness podcasts. In the article Rosanna Turner writes about several podcasts including Outside Health and Fitness. She … Continue reading

3 Simple Secrets for Healthier Eating

Secrets for Healthier Eating In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I’m honored to have registered dietician and author Susie Garcia on the show. Susie co-authored the book “Psyched to be Skinny” and shares some really interesting information today about how our relationships with food can be … Continue reading

What Type of Eater are You?

In this audio brief of my upcoming interview with Susie Garcia, co-author of the book “Psyched to be Skinny” we talk about different types of emotional eaters, how to identify if or which  category you fall into and some strategies for changing the way you think about food. listen to … Continue reading

Training for Disc Golf

Improve Your Game; Training for Disc Golf I love playing disc golf and like most people I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my game. Sure, practicing my putt, working on my drive and perfecting my forearm second shot with my Blowfly are important but what about my physical conditioning?  After All, … Continue reading

3 Steps to Positively Creating the Life You Want

Creating the Life You Want Marathon runner and Life Coach Karl Gruber has developed a simple 3 step system specifically for creating the life you want. Karl Gruber is an amazing person. He is a broadcaster, life coach, author and he was the 9th person ever to run 52 marathons … Continue reading