Why Do You Want to be Fit

Finding Out Why You Want to Be Fit In this audio brief of my upcoming interview with Maripili Rodriguez we talk about how finding a “deeper why” for getting fit can keep you motivated and make healthy living a reality. A common thing that Maripili hears from her clients is … Continue reading

Naturally Rid Your Body of Environmental Toxins

Naturally Rid Your Body of Environmental Toxins In this audio brief from my interview with Pierre Coleman, Kent Adams and Clayton Thomas (which you can find at outsidehealthandfitness.com/065)  We talked about how heavy metals and environmental toxins are ruining our health. Every creature comfort you use on a daily basis … Continue reading

The Truth Regarding Video Game Fitness

Can we Get Fit Playing Video Games? by Jamal Asskoumi It’s nice to envision a world where we switch on our games console and watch the calories quickly melt away(I still live in hope of this), however the marketing in the video game industry has made this desirable world a false … Continue reading

Adventure Novelist Jeanne Meeks

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I’m excited to bring you my conversation with adventure novelist Jeanne Meeks. Jeanne shares the inspirational story that lead her to write the novel Rim to Rim – Death in the Grand Canyon. In our interview we talk about finding … Continue reading

Inspired to Be Strong

Inspired Strength In this audio brief of my upcoming interview with adventure novelist Jeanne Meeks we talk about the life changing event that inspired her to find her inner strength, reconnect with nature and write her first adventure novel. Jeanne wants people to know that everyone, and women in particular, … Continue reading