4 Ways Female Runners Can Benefit From Reduction

jogger-426670_640If wearing two sports bras is a habitual part of your healthy lifestyle, it’s safe to assume that this dual-support system is not something you do for style, but for necessity. Exercise, and running in particular, can become incredibly uncomfortable for women who are well endowed in the chest area. It doesn’t take long for ladies with large breasts to realize this painful problem when running is a regular activity.

Causes of Discomfort

The explanation as to why runners with big breasts experience feelings of discomfort is common sense and scientific fact. Size D-cup breasts typically weigh between 15 and 23 pounds. When running, a number of things take their toll on that weight attached to your chest – accelerated force, high impact movement, and of course, gravity.

Skin irritation and chafing from sports bras are also common problems for runners with larger bra sizes due to the friction of the fabric and sweat accumulation. In some cases, the ongoing stress of increased chest mass results in more permanent problems like persistent back pain, damaged ligaments, and poor posture.

Rewards of Reduction

If you are in a committed relationship with running, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your body’s condition for that passion, especially since it’s such a healthy habit to have. Women who struggle with the inevitable annoyance of “bouncing” breasts should seriously consider the rewards of a reduction:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Reduced risk of health problems
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved running skills

It may seem like an impractical investment at first. After all, most women typically seek cosmetic surgery in order to go up a bra size. But you’re not “most women”. You’re you, and you owe it to yourself to be the absolute best version of that, which includes pursuing the highest possible levels of personal health and happiness.

Author Bio:

Kaitlyn NThis guest blog post was written by Kaitlyn Nakagoshi, the Web Content Manager for Tampa Bay’s only New Town master planned community – Connerton. Kaitlyn is a native Floridian who will soon be a newbie San Franciscan. She enjoys golf, mountain biking, hot yoga, online shopping, and watching college football.

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