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In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast I have a chance to talk with Elizabeth Morrow. Elizabeth is a fellow “New Englander” who has created a really unique and interesting product to help people discover the joy of yoga. Her program solves a lot of the common problems people have getting started and even allows your practice to go mobile and outside! I had a great time talking with Elizabeth about her program and I think you’ll be surprised by this great solution she has developed.


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Yoga By NumbersElizabeth is from New England and has developed a new Yoga system. She’s been doing Yoga for over two years. After a major health issue she found Yoga to be an excellent way build up her stamina and regain her health.

During this time she found that many Yoga studios offered intermediate and advanced classes but very few offered anything for the beginner.  There was a gap for beginners and there should be an easy way for someone to get started with Yoga on their own.

Most home DVD systems are great if you already know what you’re doing and you can follow along. However, for many who are knew it can become frustrating before you know the proper alignments, terms, and poses.

What is so Unique about the Yoga by Numbers System?

Healthy Yoga by Numbers MatThe program is centered around the mat. The mat has 28 numbered circles which allows instructors to provide simple, clear instructions and help people get into the right position and alignment just by looking at their mat. Additionally, the numbers and circles on the mat help you see your progress as you learn.

This system is great for people who are:

  • Too busy to get to a studio
  • Live too far from Yoga studios
  • Have challenging schedules

The system comes with a DVD called “10 Minutes to Yoga” which is 10 stand alone Yoga sessions of 10 minutes or less each. The DVD teaches you 30 poses. A second DVD “3 Months to Flexibility” is also in the works.

Can you use the system outside?

The mat allows users to practice with audible instructions so it’s great for traveling or for practicing outside. In addition. the mat is made from all natural rubber and doesn’t include any PVC or other dangerous materials. It’s safe and healthy to be used outdoors.

How does Yoga benefit other outdoor athletes?

Yoga provides increased flexibility, stamina, core strength, posture and balance. All very helpful in other outdoor sports.

Get Your Yoga by Numbers System

Launch date is 1/20/2014 will be carrying the “‘Yoga by Numbers” system.

You can also find the Yoga by Numbers system at

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